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Alabaster International
Annual Report 2020

So many of us have missed being together.

In the midst of so much upheaval over the past year, we have had to adjust to virtual and distant ways of connecting. In many ways, 2020 has taught us how important it is for us to come together in whatever ways we can, because our greatest resource is each other.

Joining together and building a partnership is at the heart of what Alabaster International does. With direction from our on-the-ground partners in Kenya and your generosity, Alabaster was able to uphold and support communities in Kenya in new ways to meet the unexpected needs that emerged over the past year.

At the same time, projects that you have invested in with us in the past—the clinic, the library—have proven essential to the livelihood of communities, especially with the strain of a global pandemic.

We are so grateful that you have chosen to come together with us to reach across the globe and join hands with our friends in Kenya and dream about expanding to even more communities.

Thank you.


Shannon Rubera,

Founder & President
of the Board

Betsy Stewart

Executive Director



142 Families

assisted with basic needs through pandemic relief efforts.


$6,180 in Relief

provided in response to emerging needs across several communities in Kenya.


78 Girls & Women

supported and empowered to pursue social, economic and educational well-being.


3,652 Patients

cared for at the Endonyolasho Community Clinic, including 420 children immunized, 2 babies delivered, and 39 women provided antenatal care.

3 Alabaster-supported projects

sustaining community and livelihood.

The Endonyolasho Community Clinic is staffed and seeing patients.


The Endonyolasho Community Library was open to students and families while school was shut down.


The new Turkana Women’s Stall
provides a place for women to meet,
make and dream.

Communities where we’re invested

  • Kajiado (Endonyolasho)
  • Turkana (Lolupe)
  • Nairobi (Mukuru)

For the Road Ahead


We know there is so much in a name, which is why we announced in 2020 the change of ours. We officially became Alabaster International, signaling a new, expanded vision to partner with even more communities beyond the borders of Kenya.

Over the course of the past year, we have been laying the groundwork for that expansion. Although travel bans interrupted our plans to visit Kenya for our annual outreach trip, this year was not wasted. We have been planning and dreaming, and we hope you’ll continue to link arms with us as we take steps forward.

With Women


Women in Turkana County—one of the poorest regions in Kenya—face challenges every day. Yet the women of the Lolupe community continue to come together and find ways to overcome difficulties, make their voices heard, and uphold their families.

The new stall, built with your support, gives them a place to gather, grow, create and hope.

During a Pandemic


When the pandemic hit Kenya, the communities we partner with faced new difficulties in meeting their everyday needs. With school out of session and the economy slowing, everyone was impacted in some way. And when friends are in need, we do something about it.

Together, we helped to sustain our friends with basic needs—grocery vouchers and “solidarity packs” that included food, handwashing supplies, and feminine products for women.

For Whatever Comes Next


Although travel bans caused us to cancel our annual outreach trip for the first time since Alabaster’s launch, you made it possible for us to complete our planned projects and adjust to the needs that emerged this year.

As we look to what’s ahead—recovery, reconnecting with Kenyan communities in person, and eventual expansion—it is the commitment and generosity that you’ve shown during this difficult season that gives us the confidence to keep moving forward.

2020 Financials

  • Revenue$22,109.43
  • Expenses$19,742.56
  • Mission
  • Administration
  • Expansion

Give hope.

Partner with us in reaching the margins, where few others go.