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Sowing Seeds & Witnessing Growth

Alabaster International
2022 Annual Report

If you have been part of the Alabaster Community for a while, you know that we talk a lot about sowing seeds. 

These aren’t literal seeds–rather they’re small ideas and hopes that have potential to grow into something more. Since Alabaster began as a modest mobile clinic 10 years ago, with your support we’ve faithfully planted seeds season after season. 

The past year was no exception, with several new-to-Alabaster projects that started as a few thoughts scribbled on paper or a dream someone dared speak aloud. Those first steps, taken with the same audacious trust and common faithfulness as when burying seeds underground, made it possible to acknowledge something new might just happen.

And with your help—your steadfast support and generosity that made growth possible—we saw these projects come to life. The Endonyolasho Maternity Wing was constructed last spring and dedicated during our visit in June. The Turkana Women’s Group launched their first-ever crafts project that allowed them to sell goods here in the U.S. and invest in their next dream. And in March, many of you joined us to celebrate the incredible fruit of Alabaster over the past ten years since it began in 2012. 

In this annual report, you can read more about this wonderful growth, and join us in holding a few precious seeds we are hoping to plant soon. I hope you feel so much pride as you remember what you helped us plant and grow. And, I hope that you’ll continue to cultivate your own seeds, whatever it is you are called to grow.

Shannon Rubera, FNP-C
Founder & President of the Board


Shannon Rubera (center) with Board Member Ashantha Rubera (left) and partner Mercy Musomi (right), Executive Director of Girl Child Network

Growing the Good

Endonyolasho Health Initiatives:

  • 9 babies delivered at the new Endonyolasho Maternity Wing
  • 330 women and children supported through the Endonyolasho Vaccine Clinic
  • 3480 patients treated at the Endonyolasho Community Clinic

Nutrition & Famine Relief:

  • Nearly 600 students in two at-risk communities nourished and educated through School Feeding Programs 
  • 246 families helped through emergency famine relief

Mothers & Children:

  • $900 profit earned for new projects through the Turkana Women’s Group’s pilot business venture, in addition to fair wages earned for 20 women 
  • 82 vulnerable girls and women supported through new partnerships and programming

10 years of partnership and work!

Seeds for the Future


One of the seeds we dared to plant several years ago was a new vision, reflected in our name Alabaster International. 

Up until this point, our partnerships have all been rooted in communities in Kenya. This focused approach has allowed Alabaster to grow deep relationships and develop the patience that good growth often requires. 

Now, we are readying the soil for something new. We are exploring several pilot projects with international partners—initiatives that have the potential to grow Alabaster’s scope and, most importantly, cultivate health and dignity in more communities through expanded resources and realized dreams. 

We hope to share more soon. Will you join us in planting and waiting for new things to take root?

A New Place for
Women & Babies

With the generous support of our donors and the vision of the Endonyolasho community, Alabaster helped launch the new Endonyolasho Maternity Wing in June. This new spacious facility provides the specialized equipment and a dedicated place for women to give birth and bring their children for care in the early years, when care is most critical. Several babies have already been born in the facility, which is also being used for wellness visits, vaccine clinics and other community needs.

Investing in Women
& Their Dreams


As soon as we met the women of Lolupe in 2018, we knew they were special. That’s why we decided to launch a special social business pilot project with the group. Housed in the Turkana Women’s Business & Training Centre our donors made possible, the first project of the Lolupe Women’s Group was crafting special holiday ornaments sold to Alabaster supporters. 

In addition to earning fair wages for their work, the women developed a simple business plan to use profits from the project for a small restaurant in their space. Now, community members are welcomed into the space for tea and simple meals, in addition to buying basic goods from the women.

Celebrating Seeds
Planted a Decade Ago

In 2022, Alabaster International celebrated a decade of sowing and growing its work in Kenya. Supporters gathered in the U.S., joined by partner and mentor Mercy Musomi of Girl Child Network (Kenya), to reflect on progress and hear stories of impact. Another celebration was held in Kenya during the team’s visit in June. Donors demonstrated their commitment with support toward Alabaster projects, showing once again how a community helps these seeds take root and flourish for years to come.

2022 Financials

  • Revenue$79,200.00
  • Expenses$97,779.34
  • Program
  • Admin
For the first time, in 2022 Alabaster made the decision to allow expenses to exceed revenue to provide resources for famine relief to communities in Kenya. We were able to do this because loyal and generous donor support has enabled us to bring in surplus funds every year prior. Thank you for your generosity and trust.

Give hope.

Partner with us in reaching the margins, where few others go.