About Us

Alabaster International's journey is intertwined with the narratives of resilience and aspiration from the women of Masailand and Turkana in Kenya, the Gamo Highlands in Ethiopia, and Leer in South Sudan. Over the past 11 years, these women haven't just been recipients of our programs; they have been our guides, teachers, and co-creators. This partnership has helped shape an organization that is not merely for these women but is beautifully curated by their experiences and wisdom.

The Well Woman

Our work is built on the principle that empowering and caring for Indigenous women is synonymous with uplifting entire communities. These women, central to the fabric of their societies, are powerful agents of change. We know reliable access to healthcare is a catalyst for community transformation and therefore when we support women in areas of health and wellness we're not just impacting individual lives, we're igniting a restorative process that impacts entire communities.


Grounded in Local Experience, Guided by Global Vision

At the heart of our approach is a deep respect for the local context. We embed ourselves within communities, learning from the daily experiences of the women we work with. This close connection ensures that our interventions are not only effective but deeply respectful and culturally sensitive.

Sustainable Change

True sustainability in our efforts stems from the empowerment and leadership of local women. Our role is to listen, support, and facilitate, creating an environment where solutions are community-led and owned.


Give hope.

Your support communicates love and has the power to bring wholeness.