Friends in seasons of drought: How you’re bringing relief and hope to communities in Kenya

Betsy StewartBlog

Students at Lolupe Primary School in Turkana, a few of the children you are supporting

We always tell you that we carry you with us when we travel to Kenya. That was true this year more than ever. Our friends asked us to consider supporting children and families in crisis. Remembering your partnership, we said yes. 

Before our recent visit to Kenya, we’d heard that the country was suffering drought and famine. And we know that when nations experience a crisis, isolated and underserved communities always fare the worst. 

So it wasn’t surprising when our nonprofit partner Girl Child Network (GCN) shared with us that families in Endonyolasho and Turkana were in need. In normal times, children fill up on rice, beans and even vegetables at school through lunch feeding programs. Sometimes, this is their only meal of the day. However, over the past several months, the feeding programs at schools haven’t received the normal rations from Kenya’s Ministry of Education, leaving many children without their only daily meal. 

And the water tanks, typically filled with support from a local company and the Ministry of Education, have remained empty longer than usual. 

That’s why GCN asked if Alabaster could do anything to help. 

You are supporting nearly 600 children through school lunch feeding programs at the primary schools in Endonyolasho and Turkana for the next three months. We are also committing to provide water for the foreseeable future. This support boosts children and families as we all continue to recover from the far-reaching effects of the pandemic. 

Your friendship and generosity makes it possible for Alabaster to respond to crisis and emerging needs. When you give monthly support or donate to areas of greatest need, you are a part of this quick yes and the provision of relief during crisis. Click here to give or join our community of monthly supporters! We would love to connect your generosity with our friends in Kenya.