Now the Endonyolasho Clinic Is Truly Their Own

Betsy StewartBlog

Mom and her child visit the clinic to seek treatment for a burn. Teacher Nathan serves as a translator.

By most counts, five years isn’t a long time to stay in one place. But when Alabaster came to Endonyolasho, the goal was never to stay long.

Though our teams and you, Alabaster’s supporters, have grown to love the people in this special community, we knew all along that successful, empowering partnership would be reflected in Endonyolasho having access to regular health care, independent of our visits.

This year, Alabaster and the people of Endonyolasho, with the invaluable help of Girl Child Network, accomplished a major step towards this goal. The three-room clinic that was built and dedicated two years ago was handed over to the locally-governed health ministry.

What an incredible way to celebrate five years of health care and education, and growing friendship.

What does this hand-over mean?

  • The clinic is now listed in the official registry of dispensaries and recognized as a locally-administered facility.
  • It will be included in future budget considerations – which are essentially driven by needs voiced by the community – for needed medications, staff and upgrades.
  • Most significantly, people of Endonyolasho will have access to regular care provided by a local health worker assigned to staff the clinic.

What allowed this work to move forward was your help. Your support made it possible to advance the third phase of the Build Hope initiative. Right now, a staff house for the health worker stationed at the clinic is being finished, along with important updates to the clinic.

We have more to share from our visit, including a special tour of the new upgrades and photos of the ceremony dedicating the clinic to the community. Visit here in the coming weeks to see how your partnership has helped to transform the community of Endonyolasho.