Providing medical care & education

Isolated communities often lack access to basic needs, most notably health care. Clinics and hospitals are too far away, are not stocked with basic medications or don’t have trained staff. Alabaster began as a mobile clinic, with a vision to bring care to those who couldn’t get to it themselves. Today, we partner with communities to address acute health needs through mobile clinics, and create sustained health and wellness through vaccine drives, health education and advocating for resources, including bricks and mortar clinics and dedicated healthcare providers.

Empowering women & youth

Women and youth are the future of every community. While they may not hold official positions of power or authority, their wellbeing determines how families will be nurtured and communities will be sustained. Through small-scale economic empowerment and leadership training, we invest in promising opportunities for growing the power, knowledge and resilience of women and youth in the communities where we work.

Building capacity & community

Our goal is to see hope restored to individuals and communities so they can flourish. After spending time in a community and learning from its leaders, we partner with them to identify projects and initiatives that will lead to long-term sustainability and encourage local ownership from the start. We believe that by encouraging inter-dependence, growing skills, and fostering self-determination, communities will re-envision what is possible and find creative and resourceful ways to achieve it.

Give hope.

Your support communicates love and has the power to bring wholeness.