Putting the Endonyolasho Clinic on the Map

Betsy StewartBlog

The Endonyolasho First Aid Clinic that you helped to build has been standing for about two years. Now, we're on the map. The Kenya Ministry of Health map, to be specific.

The image above is taken from the new Kenya Master Health Facility List website, an effort that categorizes all officially registered clinics and dispensaries throughout Kenya. At the very bottom you can see Oldonyo lasho Dispensary (the spelling is a little different in the local language), close to the Tanzanian border.

That's where you have helped to bring health and dignity to Maasai families in a remote area.

Our inclusion in this project has been made possible through partnership with Girl Child Network, who this spring has led a series of meetings with the local Ministry of Health officials to ensure that the Endonyolasho Clinic can be registered. Registration ensures that the clinic will receive government-sponsored resources, as well as a posted healthcare worker. Daily health attention, year-round.

Representatives of Alabaster Mobile Clinic and Girl Child Network met with Ministry of Health Officials to discuss the future of the Endonyolasho Clinic.


What does this mean for Alabaster Mobile Clinic's work there? For now, we're not done. Through continued partnership with GCN and the county ministry, we will ensure the dispensary is fully equipped to serve the community. This will include upgrades to the facility, as well as communicating with the community about its needs for water and medical supplies.

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