Sharing what life looks like through students’ eyes

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Alabaster supporter takes in photos taken by Kenyan students at our first ever Photo Gala & Exhibit.


It was a busy fall for folks in Alabaster Mobile Clinic. With the help of a handful of committed volunteers, we launched our very first series of photo exhibits featuring photos taken by students in Kenya.

With your generosity at these special events, nearly $2,500 was raised to invest in an ambu-bike for the clinic in Endonyolasho. This motorbike is the fastest and most straightforward mode of transport to ensure that a health worker is able to come once a week to the clinic from a nearby dispensary, and to provide a ride for patients who need access to a hospital in the nearest city.

The photos we displayed were part of a new initiative this past summer to deepen relationships. While Alabaster’s core mission is to bring health to people in isolated communities, we recognize that health flourishes with a holistic approach, and that partnership and trust is built through relationships. These values led us to plan programming that falls outside of our clinical and health education initiatives.

One of these programs was a photo project, planned for the rural Endonyolasho community and replicated in an informal settlement in Nairobi. These two communities are as far apart in their needs as the long eight hour drive it would take you to get from one to the other. But, the excitement of capturing your unique vision in the frame of a point and shoot camera transcends those differences. Student at both sites took incredible photos.

We’ve included photos from our events below. The first was held at Found Coffee, a café in Eagle Rock that promotes local business and community. A few weeks later, we held a special fundraising Gala in the beautiful 15th floor lobby of Good, Inc., located Beverly Hills. More than 100 friends and supporters of Alabaster came to see and purchase photos and delve deeper into what Kenya looks like through the eyes of its youth.

Photo display at the Photo Gala in Beverly Hills


Found Coffee hosted our first ever Pop Up photo exhibit at their shop in Eagle Rock.


Guests mingle at the Pop Up Photo Exhibit at Found Coffee

We are excited to announce that plans are underway for a special ceremony to honor the community with this motorbike. Stay tuned, photos and stories to come.