Alabaster in
South Sudan

Leer, Unity State


Educating Students in Isolated Communities

In May 2023, Alabaster expanded its programming to Leer, South Sudan. Accessible only by canoe during the rainy season and devastated by the civil war, Leer is a place like no other. And yet the people of Leer embody deep faith and resilience. Children show up in droves to school, where trees serve as makeshift classrooms even in 100-degree heat and essentials like chalkboards have been destroyed by war and floods.

In partnership with local NGO UNIDOR (Universal Intervention and Development Organization), Alabaster is focused on educational capacity building for three primary schools in Leer: Leer Primary, Mary John Primary and Rubykuay Primary. These schools are in need of essential school supplies and classroom renovations to provide long-term, sustainable support for learning in the community.

The Power of Women

Leer County has created a robust women’s cooperative of more than 100 women gathered from local churches, dance groups, marketplaces and representing residents of the internally displaced people (IDP) camp in Leer. This powerful group of women is focused on enhancing the livelihood of families, creating economic opportunities for women and caring for one another as they face the impacts of war, gender-based violence and flooding. In partnership with UNIDOR, Alabaster supports this women’s cooperative in their business and skills-building initiatives.


Women-Owned Tea Hospitality Business

Alabaster, in collaboration with our local partner, UNIDOR, has launched a women-owned business pilot in Leer, South Sudan, bringing together 15 women to launch 3 businesses serving tea and snacks throughout the community. The women have rented shops, purchased supplies and begun their businesses and Alabaster has provided a comprehensive Women in Leadership and Business training to these new entrepreneurs and will continue to monitor and provide support as their businesses grow! The women have already been able to generate income to cover school fees for their children and they are committed to ensuring their businesses thrive!

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