Teenage mothers are raising young children and keeping their lives on track

Betsy StewartBlog

Angela* is balancing preparations for motherhood and planning her return to school when it opens in the new year. Alabaster is joining with a new partners to support Angela and other young women in her same situation.

The first weeks and months of a baby’s life are crucial, and they are just as important for the mother--especially when she is a teenager who is still finishing her education and finding her way as a woman. Alabaster International’s new project is providing special care to young women who are experiencing motherhood for the first time and focused on keeping their lives on track. 

The hope is that by helping teenage mothers during those crucial early days, their babies will thrive, and the mothers themselves will have the resources to care for their child and even return to school.  

Angela* is one of the young women who are part of this new project. Angela is due to deliver her precious child in late November, and like all new mothers, she needs the support of her community. 

At the start of 2020, before COVID-19, 17-year-old Angela had just started secondary school (the equivalent of high school in the U.S.). She often missed class when her mother couldn’t afford school fees, putting her years behind. When the pandemic hit in March, Angela’s mother lost her job as a housemaid and school paused for all students in Kenya. Out of school and in need of resources to support her family of six siblings, Angela joined her mother in finding casual labor.

In the midst of these struggles, Angela met a young man and soon found out she was pregnant. Angry and disappointed, her mother wanted her to move out of the family home. And since Angela typically only had enough to eat one meal each day, her ability to carry the child healthily was also an issue. 

Alabaster’s new partner, Alliance for the Protection of Children (APC) met Angela and provided support through their programming. They worked with Angela’s mother to help them resolve conflict, and have been directing Angela to resources and giving emotional support. Now in the final weeks of her pregnancy, Angela has the support of her mother, has been attending ante-natal clinics to support her own health and that of her unborn child, and is receiving guidance to enroll in Kenya’s national free maternity program so that she delivers her baby in a public health facility at no cost. APC has also been collecting clothing for the family. 

Alabaster and our donors get to be a part of Angela’s story by providing basic supplies for her and her baby that help to set them up for thriving as a family. Now through the end of the year, donors have the opportunity to join with Alabaster and touch the lives of these young women and their new children.

To join us, donate today.