We Have So Much To Share With You

Betsy StewartBlog

We can't believe it's already the middle of March. That means we're only 4 months away from our annual summer trip to Kenya! It also means we haven't shared on this blog with you, our friends and partners -- the ones who make all of this work possible -- in nearly six months. There has been a lot happening, and we're eager to share with you.

First, we wanted to share with you that Alabaster's partnership in Kenya continues to deepen. This year, we're excited that one of our board members is spending a few months in Nairobi, and will be joined by our founder for a week in April. Part of their on-the-ground work is to partner with Girl Child Network to advance efforts to register the Endonyolasho First Aid Cinic with the Ministry of Health in Kenya.

The Endonyolasho community gathers for clinic held by Stanley from neighboring Shompole Dispensary. With clinic registration, this will become a much more regular occurrence.

This has been the plan from the very beginning -- because the clinic doesn't belong to Alabaster, but to the people of Kenya, and specifically to the community in Endonyolasho. Registration will bring resources from the government, including a regular staff posting, so that the community will have year-round access to health care. It also means that the students of Endonyolasho Primary School will have more opportunities to study in the Health Sciences library, and to interact with a Kenyan health worker. We hope this will continue to inspire young people to become nurses and doctors that serve their communities.

So let the updates begin! Watch this space for details on the clinic registration, real-time updates on Endonyolasho, a profile on this summer's Alabaster team, and a look back at some of the ways you helped us raise funds this past fall for more resources for our beloved friends in Kenya.