You’re invited to join Alabaster’s Thanksgiving table: Get ready for Giving Tuesday 2021

Betsy StewartBlog

Women in Turkana gather around a meal to celebrate the new Turkana Women's Business & Training Center, which you helped to establish.

The Thanksgiving season is in full swing here in America. All over social media you can find recipes and tablescapes--preparations for our gatherings later this month. This is how we give thanks. We come together and enjoy abundance.

Though our friends in Kenya don’t mark Thanksgiving as a national holiday, they are familiar with this way of celebrating. They know that there is something sacred in giving what we have for the good of the entire community--that this is a way of saying thank you

Each year, in the days following Thanksgiving, we have the opportunity to come together with the larger global community to give as a way of expressing our gratitude. Giving Tuesday is coming this year on November 30 (it’s always the Tuesday following America’s Thanksgiving). In a sense, it’s our second Thanksgiving celebration, but instead of gathering around a table filled with our favorite dishes, we come around the causes that matter to us most and share what we have. It turns into a different kind of feast, one that we can share with friends across the globe.

Would you consider joining Alabaster’s Thanksgiving table? Bring whatever you can--even the smallest gift adds to the abundance we’ll all enjoy together. 

If you’re in, mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 30. If you’re signed up for our newsletter, we’ll send you a reminder (just scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up). Join us by donating to an area of greatest need, or to one of our ongoing projects. And invite your friends by sharing on social media or sending this link in a text or email.