Why Relief Matters, and How You Provided It to Endonyolasho

Betsy StewartUncategorized

Endonyolasho community leaders distribute COVID Solidarity Packs that GCN and Alabaster donors partnered to provide.

We have all seen how the pandemic has put even more pressure on fragile and vulnerable situations. Those with underlying health conditions suffer more from COVID-19, and under-resourced communities haven’t had enough testing or PPE. 

You might even be experiencing some version of this in your own life: the cracks are showing more, and it may feel as if they won’t withstand the pressure.

This is why relief efforts matter. In times of crisis, assistance can fill in gaps and keep families and communities in-tact. It also means that hard-won gains in community building can be sustained during difficult times. Relief efforts can be the second wind that communities need.

While our long-term vision is for self-reliance, sustainability and flourishing, we know that helping in times of crisis is needed. It’s what friends do. 

Girl Child Network, our Keynan nonprofit partner, is on the ground and heard directly from our friends in Endonyolasho about the immediate needs they are facing. Together with GCN and you, our donor community, Alabaster International was able to put together a plan and mobilize resources to assist families in Endonyolasho.

Here's what you helped make possible:

  • 127 households received maize, sugar, rice and cooking oil
  • 60 girls from Endonyolasho primary school received a supply of sanitary napkins and books
  • 250 surgical masks and a supply of PPE was given to Joel, the Endonyolasho healthworker
  • 6 handwashing facilities were installed around the community

GCN made this video to chronicle the journey to deliver the goods. Typically, we would have had a team on the ground, in the Endonyolasho community at that very same time. So it means even more that, with your help, Alabaster's presence was felt through this initiative.